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"At various times, it brings to mind everyone from DNA to Don Caballero, Molecules to Beefheart, Melt-Banana to Elliott Sharp. Combining complex rhythmic interplay with noisy textural scrapes, the trio rocks in the most abstract way, and has a brilliant way of transitioning from high-speed squawk to melodic passages that can be pretty in an off-kilter way"


"This trio's approach is similar at times to the musical cubism of the Magic Band but at others they go into overdrive to create a maelstrom of sound without ever completely abandoning melody and rhythm. Musically, Honey Ride Me A Goat attack their instruments with true skill; they have the chops to bash out an unholy racket and (instrumentally) quote from the wilder side of musical history. Their music ends up balanced, unpretentious, and pretty accessible. Honey Ride Me A Goat's music is potent and life-affirming"


"Their music is an unholy melding of the scratchy, post-punk shards of guitar scrapes from D. Boon and Arto Lindsay, the disjointed rhythms of Beefheart, the psychedelic jazz-wail of Joe Baiza and James Ulmer and sheets of sound not heard since Rudolph Grey was releasing his wares. HRMAG capture "that" sound and throttle it sideways: songs veer left and right, flow from jazz-like jams to claustrophobic, repetitive, airtight rhythms in a heartbeat; some songs fall apart, others never stray from an ass-tight compositional sound. It's not "math-rock" and it's not free-jazz"


“Dizzying collision between old school SST style free jazz weirdness, stop on a dime NoMeansNo style mathiness, the tangled riffy jangle of nineties college rock, and super spazzy sonic tangles a la everything Mick Barr, and you'd probably be close to capturing the head spinning sonic weirdness these guys traffic in…leaping dexterously from mesmerizing Necks-like avant jazz drone creep, to spastic math grind freakouts, to churning carnivalesque genre leapfrogging grooves, to blown out free jazz / avant grind, to sounds even more abstract and difficult to describe"


“Udders is a fascinating compilation culled from the trio’s highly sought-after vinyl output, nine of the very best performances from an act whose unholy union of free-jazz skronk, no wave dissonance and funky art punk sounds quite unlike anything in either England or the States”


"Honey Ride Me A Goat are here to disjoint your ears and mess with your sense of melody. Melding the claustrophobia of Storm & Stress with the No Wave agility of DNA, these three fellows make difficult music for folks who don’t want an easy ride. Scatterbrain guitar chords shoot sparks over the waves of big-swell bass lines that seem intent on tangling themselves in a percussive maelstrom that flicks from linear to lateral like a faulty light switch.

There’s no point highlighting one sound or looking for that single song, this just isn’t that kind of band. This is a dark journey that rewards when you sort out the shadows from the trapdoors and ride along with this album as it hurtles towards some inevitable oblivion.
At some point we all have to draw a line where the music stops and the sound of a herding stampede of elephants starts – HRMAG are right there, on that line, dancing and prancing over and around it, back and forth, while kicking a little dirt in your face, just for good measure"



released August 1, 2010

Lexicon Devil Records - LEXDEV027

Jonny - Drums
Mike - Bass
Ryan - Guitar

Recorded by Julian Whitfield, Delta Studios
Mastered by Bob Weston, Chicago Mastering Co.



all rights reserved


Honey Ride Me A Goat Kent, UK

Childhood pals form ridiculous band.

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